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"Having Sarah-Kate coach me was THE best thing I ever did!"

"I'm incredibly grateful for Sarah-Kate."

"Meeting Sarah-Kate has been life-changing."

"With Sarah-Kate, anything is possible!"

"Working with Sarah-Kate is a gift!"

"Sarah-Kate has a real passion for helping others!"

"I cannot recommend her enough"

"I highly recommend Sarah-Kate Life Coach!"

Are You Ready To Change
YOUR World?

Hi! I am Sarah-Kate, an international life coach and manifestation mentor specializing in supporting you so that you can realize their DREAMS!

If your heart is calling for a change then the Conscious Creator
Manifestation Mindset Membership  is
PERFECT for you!

What The Program Includes:

  • Monthly Goal Setting Workshop

  • Monthly Manifestation Accountability Call

  • Monthly Book Club

  • Quarterly Group Challenges

  • Amoya Shante's famous 30 Days to a Happier you course.

  • Amoya Shante's incredible 10 Week Travel Academy Course.

  • 5 Beautiful Hypnosis's by Amoya Shante

  • EFT Tapping Magic Workshops

  • Vision Boarding Workshop

  • Scripting Workshop

  • Marco Polo Membership video chats

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